The Box

diamond shape LED display

A typical display


The Box by Tabor Audio is a stereo sound stage monitor designed to give the recording engineer a visual impression of a stereo signal. One hundred LEDs arranged in a diamond shaped matrix are driven by the left and right signals of the studio's monitoring system. The Box presents a continuous analysis of balance, stereo width, stereo position, any tendency to excessive out of phase and general signal levels. The cost of The Box is 450 including postage within the UK. Please ask for overseas delivery costs.

History of 'The Box'

The original design of The Box was by the late Frank Fox. The display featured a hundred green LEDs in a diamond shape formation. Subsequently, the design was modified by Mike Skeet of Skeet Music who suggested the mix of green, yellow, amber and red LEDs laid out as shown above. Mike Skeet also suggested the addition of a calibration button which, when pressed, feeds just the left channel signal to both displays, producing a single vertical line of red LEDs if all is working correctly. These design improvements were included in the version built and supplied over a number of years by Philip Stokes.

In its latest version, the Box by Tabor Audio is a little smaller and contains a high quality commercial circuit board for improved life and reliability. Research into possible variants, for example a balanced input using XLR connectors, is ongoing - please let us know if you have any suggestions by using the contact us link above.